It is my intention that all information on this website and all services offered are to be Positive, Affirming, and of the Light. 
All Services are of the Mind, Body, and Spirit connection.

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Walking Light

We are all spiritual beings having a 'hue-man' experience. We are multifaceted. Much like
a chandelier made up of Swarovski Crystals, we shimmer from all sides. We are here on earth to shine our light.
We are here to beam out our Divine uniqueness, characteristics, gifts, talents and personality; to express, live and be who we truly are; to be our purest and most radiant light frequency and vibration.

Whether you are a flashlight or a chandelier, it is time to shine at full spectrum! 


Don't let life pass you by without you shining your brightest.
Own all that you are and be it!

When we are being ourselves, all of ourselves we vibrate at a pure frequency. If each individual could do this more and more on a daily basis we as a collective whole could literally lift the entire vibration of our planet. This means not only shining your gifts, but also being true to you, being honest with yourself and with others, not diminishing your power for others, not hiding in any way. Knowing how to say no. When we hide or shrink who we are we literally shrivel and create low frequencies, heaviness, friction and chaos. (Now I am not talking about a down day now
and again. I'm talking about the years of not honoring yourself, etc.) Those are the vibrations that we create and surround ourselves with and get sent out into the world instead of the beautiful flow of our pure God light.
Let's make sure that we are vibrating out radiance! Let's be our purest Soul possible, as much as a human body will allow, because of course our purest Soul is when we die. But let's be our purest Soul self in human form and emanate those frequencies and vibrations. We need to be this way for ourselves. Others need us to be this way
and the Planet needs us to be this way!


Do you know yourself? Do you know your gifts and talents? Are you expressing them? Are you shining forth your greatness? Do you know that you are brilliant? Because you are! Are you standing in the magnificent power of you? Are you living up to your most highest potential? Are you full of life? Are you living the life you want?
Are you happy? Are you making a living by just being you?


Are you being the complete expression of who you are? 
Are you Walking Light    ?
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