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by Cindy Headley on 02/16/18

I'm thinking that if I want to see a 360 (spiraling up) of how I changed my life around that I might want to include a reference point of where I'm starting from.

Starting Where I Am, Right Now:
~ 49 years old
~ Single
~ Healing from breast cancer for the last three years through natural, spiritual and energetic remedies
~ My Medicine Man tells me there is no active cancer in me anymore :)
~ Life shift occurring and things that no longer serve me are crumbling away. You can read about this in my Feb 2018 newsletter under $0.00... http://conta.cc/2svVi4w 
~ Moving out of my 1880 Victorian rental and in with a family member for a couple of months to regroup, save money and to catapult my path. 
~ Working part-time as a property manager
~ Feeling pretty great! Happy and Excited for newness!

Projected Outcome
~ Working for myself - Doing MY thing and getting paid for it!
~ To be living the expression of my greatness
~ To be on a stage of galatic grandeur

I am not sure what the actual outcome will look like, but these are things I can actually feel the energy of right now! And of course it's not only about the destination, but the journey.

Current Active Alchemy in Play
~ Working with a couple of awesome coaches
~ Tapping into an exercise that I created and call "the Source of Self"
~ Creative visualization of my alchemist path
~ Tracking my daily receiving
~ The insights that I am supposed to get a yoga mat made of glitter

We'll see where things lead from here!

Love and Light,