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Cancer Chat Session
Top Four Must Do's when First Diagnosed

       1)  Place your hand on the Tumor and ask "What is your message to me?" Listen to the answer very carefully. Do NOT                    dismiss your answer. Whatever came to mind needs to be heard, acknowledged and addressed! 

      2) Only make decisions from a place of peace in your heart. Do not rush into surgery, chemo or radiation. Take time to step              back, breathe and evaluate. Determine if you want to take a conventional, integrative or all natural and alternative             healing path.

      3) Strengthen your immune system so your body can start healing itself. 

      4) See yourself as Already Healed!

I personally know what it is like to receive a breast cancer diagnoses. I have been diagnosed twice. During our chat I will listen
to your story. I will share what I have learned along the natural path. I said no to both chemo and radiation. I believe that any disease is the dis-easement of the body and that we have the power to bring ourselves back into ease, alignment and health. During our chat I will also do a mini hands-on healing for you as well as give you any divine guidance that has come through.
The Top Three Ways to High Vibe through Cancer
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