It is my intention that all information on this website and all services offered are to be Positive, Affirming, and of the Light. 
All Services are of the Mind, Body, and Spirit connection.

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Cindy Headley
Energy Coaching
Sessions for Living from the Truth of Your Soul

~ Business
~ Personal
~ Health

A SESSION INCLUDES a combination of the following but not limited to:

1) Chat 
You share your story. What is going on for you: Issues, Concerns, Joys, etc. Where you are right now in your journey? Where do you want to be? What outcome are you looking for?

2) Tune In
I tune in and receive Divine Messages and Guidance.

3) Hands-On
During the time of tuning in I’ll see if hands on work is needed. This can include energy clearing and releasing etc.

4) Messages of Light, Speaking in Tongues (This is a possibility)
If any Tongues messages want to come through during our time together it will. 

5) Notes to take home 
A copy of the recorded zoom session if we meet on-line and a video copy of the notes and messages from Guidance if we do the session as a distant session.

6) Follow-up
A one week email follow-up question if needed

The work during a session is applied to your whole self; your personal life, business and health, etc. You can of course ask for a specific area and topic.

Sessions last about one hour. I suggest that sessions be grouped together in a package of three. I recommend a group of three sessions as we need to be able to “Do the Work” that comes up. Three sessions allow for shifts to occur. Unless otherwise noted each single session with me is $157.00. The group of three sessions is $397.00. A savings of $74.00 The three sessions will span over two months. Normally we will set up the first session and then have the second session about a week and a half to two weeks later and then have the third session about two and a half weeks after the second session. 

Add on's such as the Full Spectrum Upgrade can be applied to this coaching package.

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