It is my intention that all information on this website and all services offered are to be Positive, Affirming, and of the Light. 
All Services are of the Mind, Body, and Spirit connection.

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Cindy Headley
Registration is required in advance

Minimum - 5
Maximum - 20

Lunch is included in cost!

Here's to You for Shining at Full Spectrum!

I look forward to seeing you there!

Love and Light, 

Due to heightened sensitives and migraine triggers Cindy is not able to work
in-person with anyone that smokes, nor wears cologne or perfume. 

Thank you for honoring this. 

Dates and Times are subject to change.

If you have any questions concerning this workshop,
please don't hesitate to contact Cindy at  

Discover Your Light! 
Itinerary and exact location will be sent to you
once you have registered and paid in full.

Events and Workshops
Group Events and Workshops are offered both in-person and on-line via zoom. 
Discover Your Light! is for you if:

~ You are ready to start being the COMPLETE EXPRESSION of who YOU are

~ You want to make a living by just being you

~ You are ready to work full-time for yourself doing YOUR thing

~ You are ready to be SEEN and HEARD

~ You want to go deeper into who you are and what you have to offer

~ You are ready to take center stage of your life

~ You are a LightWorker wanting to Work your Light as a business
and not just be behind the scenes anymore

~ You like events where food is included. LOL!

~ You want to fully embrace the greatness that you are

~ You feel you are called to help the planet and humanity

~ You feel you are here to make a difference

~ You are a Wayshower, Light Leader or Healer, etc and
want to step into that 110%

~ You are not sure if you are a LightWorker, etc,
but you still feel called to this workshop

~ You ARE being CALLED to step into your Soul's work

What is Included in the Discover Your Light! WORKSHOP?

~ Sacred Circle Time of Sharing Story

~ Divine Messages and Insights

~ an Art Project Journal/Walking Light Guide Book that you create
and that is yours to take home (All art supplies included; Art experience not required)

~ Lunch!

~ A Full Spectrum Hands-on Energy Upgrade Group Session

~ The first steps towards fully expressing who you are like never before

~ A private FB group to discuss the workshop and the progress you are making

~ A Possible Speaking of Tongues Light Message/Blessing
(This comes through when it wants to.)

~ A Gift Bag for each attendee
a WALKING LIGHT     In-person Workshop
It is time to shine at full spectrum!

Location and Dates to be announced!

Event and Conference Coordinators, does this workshop fit the needs of your attendees? If so Book Me Now!
Are one of these seats yours?

A $500.00 Value for 
Only $222.00

Come Join In For a Soulful Empowering Day of Discovery, Sparkle and Radiance!
​We are all spiritual beings having a 'hue-man' experience. We are multifaceted.
Much like a chandelier made up of Swarovski Crystals, we shimmer from all sides. We are here on earth to shine our light. We are here to beam out our Divine uniqueness, characteristics, gifts, talents and personality; to express, live and be who we truly are; to be our purest and most radiant light frequency and vibration.

Whether you are a flashlight or a chandelier, it is time to shine at full spectrum!