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All Services are of the Mind, Body, and Spirit connection.

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We are living in a 5th dimensional world with the template for the 9th dimension already in place. Book your session now to help your physical body better integrate with our changing planet. 


The Full Spectrum session is a frequency upgrade. This upgrade helps to better integrate you into the new dimensional energies the planet is now vibrating in. This will help to anchor in and merge your Crystalline Energy Body into the physical world we live in. This energy upgrade will bring in newness; open up and ignite channels of greatness: gifts and aspects of yourself that have been dormant up until now; and will enhance the parts of your that you are already shining. Full Spectrum is frequency coming straight from Source into the core of you and bursting light beams straight out in a color explosion of light! These individual rays are the infinite expressions of you. 

For so long we have been doing our work behind the scenes, but now we are being asked to step forward and shine our light; to stop hiding so to speak and share our gifts with the world. To stand in the power of who we are and express our greatness. We are the ones we have been waiting for. It is time for us to come up front and center and shine! 

Very important side note... this session will also help those that are feeling stuck, depressed, alone, lost, suicidal and like you don't fit in. Please contact me ASAP if you are in this category.   

Full Spectrum/5th Dimension Intergration
Stand Alone One-on-One Session: $157.00
As an Add-On with another coaching service: $100.00

Full Spectrum is also given during the Discover Your Light! workshop.

Please e-mail me or BOOK NOW to set up a Full Spectrum session.
Full Spectrum