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"Whether you are a flashlight or a chandelier, it is time to shine at full spectrum!"
I am here to light you up, to help you to find, align, 
maintain and glow your full spectrum frequency.
I am here to support your shine!
By Cindy Headley 
A Light Report 

"The Purest You Possible"

As the earth’s energies continue to change and as our physical life continues to evolve we are being guided to become as pure as possible. Some of you might be experiencing this yourself and hearing the guidance of this directly or you might be reading about it from others. 

The pure we are speaking of is within your light body. The physical human is becoming an evolved light being and as evolved as humanly possible without physically dying.

You are going to want to vibrate from your purest self in all ways:

 - In your relationships

 - With your food

 - By literally doing your work, the work you came here to do and not getting distracted by the 3-D humaneness you have been used to

We are now at higher levels and are functioning from the 5th Dimension… hence the need of our light bodies in purest form. Our light bodies are crystalline with light systems running throughout. 

You shine your brightest and your most brilliant when you are simply pure light. And guess what? You are pure light. And guess what else? You are pure light with heart. The good heart amplifies our pureness and makes us compassionate light beings. 

Make sure you are coming from a place of purity! 

Are you literally vibrating from your heart and doing work that you love? Work that is helping to keep our earth in the highest vibration? The more people that are working from their hearts, their pure self, working from what is true to them and sharing who they truly are, the more we are able as a collective whole to support and uplift and evolve our planet and her inhabitants.

When we do this we are pure. The planet becomes pure and we create a domino effect for others to live in their pureness too. 

Are your surroundings in alignment of your purest self? Is your environment in alignment with your truth? Are the foods you eat in their purest form? Do you have pure conversations or are they just small talk? Are the relationships you are in, are they in their purest form? Is each person coming from their place of truth? Are you living your days in truth?

It is time for everyone to start living their purest self. It’s not really a suggestion, as much as it is a necessity to continue to live on this great planet. 

Love and Light,