It is my intention that all information on this website and all services offered are to be Positive, Affirming, and of the Light. All Services are of a Metaphysical,
Self-help, Divine and Spiritual Nature and are NOT to take the place of seeking Medical Care and/or Attention. 

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I know it’s possible. To create a new phase of my life, by just the sheer desire and magic of the thought of it. To change things around, to want something different, something more, something deeper and more expansive of the pure expression of who I am. To step into a realm of myself I’ve yet to experience,
but know on a Soul level of its existence. 

I can feel this path. It has come about. A grand shift has occurred. It calls me to walk it now. Throwing caution to the wind and holding on to the universal magic available to us all, I am stepping forward in creation. As I take the first step I can see new life emerge as my right foot presses into the ground. That first step is the “on” button. 

Alchemy has started!


Your Personal Path Alchemist

Complete details will be posted here shortly. In the meantime please feel free to email me for the details at or